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  1. When you do not have dried leaves or flowers to make your salve. How much of the powdered herb do you need in the jar compared to 1/2 jar of flower or leaves?

  2. My wife and I have been been herbalists for about a year. It started off as just a hobby and make salves and tinctures for friends and family. Now due to word of mouth, we have a large customer base. We have our LLC and started Purely Martin Herbs.
    My question is that we live in Alabama and the heat and humidity are awful. We are wanting to go to craft shows and other events to promote our products. We know that moisture is bad for salves due to bacteria growth and spoilage. What is the best way to store them while we are at crafts shows and other events in the heat and humidity?

    • Congratulations on the success of Purely Martin Herbs! It’s great to hear about your journey as herbalists and entrepreneurs.
      I have no experience with selling my products in shows and exhibitions. So I can only guess. I would Invest in portable coolers or insulated bags to transport and store your products during events. Most probably you are already using dark glass containers for creams and tinctures. Also salves and balms are not that sensitive to heat like creams so that is also something to consider. Good Luck! Vladka


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